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About Tammy

Tammy has been reading the tarot professionally for over 14 years. She has studied, researched, and practiced in the metaphysical arts for over 30 years and is educated in or hold degrees in several fields of study including religion, the tarot, business, business and contract law, legal administration, court reporting, and psychology.  She has always been an animal lover and enjoys being in nature as much as possible.  She loves music and writes lyrics and poetry regularly.


It is important to Tammy that her services are affordable for everyone.  She tries to provide her clients with honest, insightful, and inspirational readings that provide fresh new perspectives, a positive way forward, or the simple confirmation or guidance they may need.  She enjoys helping people and seeing them reach their goals and their full potential and will do anything she can to help them on that journey!  

Tammy offers her professional services in private readings, full service tarot parties, and a variety of other festivals and special events.   She takes great pride in and truly enjoys her work!

Tarot Card Readings


The Tarot is a psychological and philosophical system of prediction through intuition and interpretation.  It is an excellent tool for transformation.  It can help you recognize the facets of your life or personality that are in need of attention or change.  The Tarot can help you If you want to gain clarity and find your true purpose or if you need help coming to terms with a sad or traumatic event in your life.  Who knows, you just may gain a new perspective on life and leave your reading with a new found sense of awareness and self!

The Tarot Decks
Life is like a deck of cards - you have to deal with it!

Legacy of the Divine Tarot

The Legacy of the Divine Tarot

The Legacy of the Divine Tarot is a stunning 78-card deck from Ciro Marchetti, talented artist and creator of the Gilded Tarot and Tarot of Dreams. It's roughly based on a Rider-Waite foundation, but rendered in a magical, highly realistic digital style.

Tarot of Dreams Deck

Tarot of Dreams

Tarot of Dreams is a powerful tool for personal insight and divination. The 78 traditional cards are supplemented with a special Tree of Life card plus four Palace cards that give further context to the Court cards. This deck seamlessly weaves together psychological, astrological, and Kabbalistic elements into the story of the Fool’s Journey.

13 Tarot Deck

13 By Nekro

Experience the darkly beautiful art of renowned Gothic illustrator Nekro. With dramatic black-and-white esthetics and vibrant splashes of color, the XIII Tarot represents the shadow side of fantasy. Revel in the baroque ornamentation and elegant details of this unique and expressive deck. Darkness has never been so moving.


Awards & Reviews

Tammy has been the recipient of several awards of excellence.  She is listed on as the 7th best place to visit in St. Paul for entertainment, she won Best Wedding Shower Entertainment in a Minnesota Bride Magazine readers poll, and is listed as one of the top ten psychic's in the Twin Cities on Yelp and  She has also proudly held a 5 star rating on Google for 7+ years and has countless positive reviews on both Google and Facebook.  Tammy is also the annual Tarot Card Reader for KDWB's Boo Bash Celebration. 

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