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" what do you do again?" Me: "I'm a Tarot Card Reader"

Woman doing Tarot Cards
Tarot Card Reader

When people ask me what I do for a living or what my profession is, I cringe. If I respond and say I'm a Tarot Card Reader they almost always say something like "No, I mean what do you do for a job?" When people ask me what kind of business I own and I say a Tarot Card Reading business it is not unusual for the response to be a negative one. No matter how successful I have been in running my business and no matter how long I've been in business, I am usually discounted and dismissed as a serious business owner (and woman) and seen more as someone running a side gig or better yet, a scam, to make ends meet. It's frustrating. I've found I've had more success just saying I own a "consulting" business.

I also cringe when people ask me if I am a "psychic" or if I can read the future. I dislike using the word "psychic" because for me it almost always brings to mind the image of a woman with a scarf on her head and her hands on a crystal ball. That is not me. The word "Psychic" covers a lot of ground. I believe I was born with the natural ability to read, sympathize, and understand people and their emotions as well as a very very keen intuition. I think we are all born with a natural intuition and that we either tap into it or we don't and that some people have a stronger tendency or ability to tap into it. Just like anything else, the more you use it the better you get.

Bottom line, the next time someone asks me what my profession is I am going to respond by saying...

I am a professional Tarot Card Reader and small business owner. I have owned and operated a very successful award winning Tarot Card Reading business for 14 years. I have been recognized and honored for my work by top industry professionals and I am educated in or hold degrees in business and contract law, business administration, paralegal studies, religion, psychology, and several other areas of study. My business has been nominated to receive the St. Paul Best in Business award twice and on three different occasions I was voted the Twin Cities best Tarot Reader by Gigmasters, Minnesota Bride Magazine, and Yelp. For the last 4 years I have been the Tarot Card Reader for KDWB's annual Boo Bash and my business is listed in TripAdvisors as one of the top ten entertaining places to visit in St. Paul.

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