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Tarot for Introspection


Tarot is an important tool for practicing mindfulness, building your intuitive capacity, and deepening your trust in your inner wisdom, so you can answer your own questions about what’s happening in your life.

Like journaling, Tarot is at its most powerful when used for personal growth and development, especially when it comes to finding and living your life purpose.

Because Tarot was used in games to create stories about the players’ lives, it’s not a far leap to consider that it can be used for introspection. Instead of wondering about your future or worrying about your past, you can use Tarot as an introspective tool to explore your present.

Introspection is a process that involves looking inward to examine your own thoughts, beliefs, judgements, and emotions. The term often refers to the informal process of exploring your inner life, but it also applies to a more formalized process that was once used as an experimental technique in psychology. 

One introspective tool I advocate for is journaling. Journaling allows you to reflect on your life experiences, process difficult emotions, and create a space for you to better understand yourself. It’s especially powerful when you journal by hand, strengthening your mind-body connection. 

Like journaling, Tarot is a powerful tool to help you reflect on your life, career, relationships, and inner world. It can help you identify the barriers keeping you stuck, the limiting beliefs holding you back, and the actions you need to take to move forward. Tarot helps you open your mind to new possibilities, increases your creativity, and can provide validation that you’re on the right path.  


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