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Making a Difference

Updated: Apr 10

Making a Difference...

A client of mine asked if I would allow him to do a research paper on me and what I do. I was honored to do so and enjoyed taking part in his research. When he was finished with his paper he forwarded it over so I could read it. It was a very well written and thought out personal review of me and the work I do. I was humbled and delighted at what I read and immediately asked him if I could share it on my blog. He agreed. The following is what he wrote:








In the field of the paranormal, there are many, many sub-fields. Psychics and Mediums literally litter the landscape, making it extremely difficult for the untrained eye to decipher which of the people offering their “expertise” is an expert, and which of them is the charlatan. The guessing game can turn into a mental shell game in the blink of an eye.  Trained in the arts of deception, reading people and their body languages, as well as steering customers towards their wanted outcome by manipulating their responses of information to mold a scenario that an easily manipulated person will agree to, it would be incredibly understandable for the reader of this essay to immediately jump to the conclusion that all such clairvoyants are hacks or frauds. Within the framework of this essay, I will be illustrating and providing color to a very clear exception to this rule, someone that I have zero doubt in my mind is the real deal, that has a connection to something that is not of this realm or of the average human being’s understanding.


Tammy Helms, The Mad Medium, based out of Saint Paul, MN, is living proof that the practice of tarot card reading, and communication with the spirit realm, is a reality of the earth realm that we inhabit. Human beings carry with us the inherent capabilities of communicating with an energy source that we are connected with, through mediums that have a special ability unique only to them.  Residing in Saint Paul, MN, I had the pleasure of first meeting Tammy over a decade ago through a mutual acquaintance of ours at the time. Skeptical initially, I also carried with me a history of open mindedness of investigation of the occult: ghost hunting being the primary area of interest. With over 30 years of experience in the metaphysical arts, Tammy has focused her primary area of expertise on the reading and interpretation of tarot cards. We will go through my experiences with her, in a couple of my one on one visits with her, what occurred, and finally what I believe to be the outcome from my experience.


SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 2020

On Sunday, March 15, 2020 I was in the presence of Tammy Helms, at her Saint Paul apartment. The United States had recently succumbed to COVID-19, and the once unimagined horror that our children would be locked out of school due to virulent pathogen was suddenly becoming a reality, but nobody knew exactly when that would be. I went to Tammy’s to consult her, to receive spiritual guidance on how to handle the impending health disaster involving my child, his school district, and the overall panic level of both of us. She, knowing very little of my religious background other than the fact that I was raised Christian, brings me for the very first time to the jaw-droppingly beautiful Saint Paul Cathedral. Tammy herself is not at all of the Christian faith. She also knew at the time that I had lost my religion quite some time ago due to erosion of hope. It was a strange feeling…..while one half of me could not look away from the beauty of the church walls, the other half could not stop trying to piece together exactly WHY she chose to bring the two of us to a place that neither of us worship at.


While touring the cathedral, the two of us, I noticed an older gentleman praying to a patron saint from the nation of Italy, which at the time was the nation of the globe being completely torn apart by the virus. It felt clear to me that he was deeply hurting for his home. I asked Tammy how she knew to bring me to such a heavily impactful place, to which she replied “even if you don’t fully believe where you are at, what’s important is that you are in a place of energy that matches people similar to your own and that you can communicate in synergy”. The meaning of this immediately hit home. Confirmed Catholic as a young boy at the demand of my mother, my forced belief system was instilled from me at the age that I can remember. Although my home religion since birth, I had never til then felt a full connection to the church or its message…..until that very day. Tammy unlocked something absolutely magical at that very moment. Suddenly something extremely clear occurred before my very mind’s eye: even though I may not have a connection with the initial delivery of the catholic message from my mother, there was definitely something MORE within the scriptures to dig into. There was more than meets the two eyes within the texts. And with that, we left the doors of the cathedral, back to her apartment.


In an interview conducted with Tammy, regarding her preparation for her rituals, she has informed me that her daily process in order to “tap into” The Source for direction and for communication is to connect with her animals, namely her yellow Labrador Pitbull mix that effectively is a child connection to her. I know that so many of us share a similar bond to animals as Tammy, and it appears to me throughout the journey in this course and throughout life, and through my experiences with Tammy, that a person’s connection with the animal kingdom is a direct indicator of how closely they are affiliated with The God Particle persay, the “connection”, ESP, or any of the classically coined psychic abilities that we have examined throughout text and lecture.


When we arrived back to her apartment, feeling her connection and her bond to her home, and to her zone, and “by chance” hearing the announcement on the television that Minnesota Governor Tim Walz had made the decision to shut down public schools the following week, I immediately felt a deep and burning desire to race home to see my son and stepson from my previous marriage, to comfort them and to do my best to mentally prepare them for what was about to occur, even though I myself had no earthly idea as to what to expect. This is instance #1 of my experience at the residence of Tammy Helms, A Mad Medium, in Saint Paul, Minnesota. You are free to draw your own conclusions from the timeline that I have laid out for you



On Tuesday, November 21, 2023, I arrived at the home of Tammy Helms in similar fashion. In preparation for this paper, I immediately went back over her process for the day, so that we could get a clear guide on what she does to get into her modality. She can never do a “real quick” reading. She also needs to watch how much she

THINKS she knows about her clients. Her perceived knowledge can get in the way of

what her direction of the situation is from The Source. She lets me know that she is

EXTRA aware of mentally ill people coming to her, for some reason and she does not

know why, they are attracted to her. She has taken psychology courses for this very

reason, so that she can hopefully assist in the guidance of them to the proper path of


Tammy is aware of the fact that people are extremely judgmental of her, due to the trade that she practices. She tells people that she “cannot pull magic or spells or bullshit out of the sky” lol. But what she can do, is give her a sense of feedback outside of the client’s scope of perspective, which is why the individual came to her to begin with. She encourages them to get a reading from her so that they can see that perception is not always reality, and that the experience with her is quite different than their perceived reality.


She refers to her ability as “The Knowing”. It is what we know as our gut instinct.  She cannot tell people this information without SOME sense of the client having proof. If she comes in too hot, it might be too much for the person to handle, despite the fact that the same outcome is going to occur or already has happened. Quite often, this is the reason that the individual came to her to begin with, so in many instances the person client is already on that wavelength to begin with. It almost seems as if there is a spiritual connection already established from the afflicted to the medium before Tammy even meets her client, established from the trauma that her client has been shaken from.


She describes to me a current business relationship with national powerhouse

radio station, the largest radio station in listenership in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. She was in a sense victorious in direct competition with one of the largest independent psychics from the southern region who was in Minnesota recently for promotional appearances and a cash grab as well.

She will do large parties, up to 300 readings in an hour. She describes the feeling as a large adrenaline rush, better than any drug you could imagine. The natural energy vibrational sensation is a rush that is better than any man made chemical. She has over 4000 returning clients, has been doing this since 2011, non-stop, and has not spent one dime on advertising, and I can testify to that being a fact.  Every day for Tammy is different. Her dog is paramount to her sanity and to her balance. Every reading is different for her, she cannot predict the outcome of the days which seems to be a paradox point of this case study: while she can see outcomes into the futures of her clients through the tarot cards, the law of polarity dictates that she cannot see into her own future even one day. 


We discuss scenarios in my life, past encounters with her, and past readings, where she accurately hit on the bullseye 3 years in advance the outcome of a musical journey that I was in the middle of, on a professional level. Her advice proved to be accurate, even though admittedly I was not going to follow it on the chartered course at

the time. Thankfully, I believe that someone or something was watching over me many

times. All Glory be to The One God Source.



There is not a doubt in my mind that Tammy Helms is the real deal, the genuine article, a trained professional, and an expert in the field of psychic communication and tarot card reading. Her knack for striking a chord with what appears to be supernatural and surrounding us at all times, is constant and unique. I’ve experienced times with others that have read tarot decks, without anything remotely close to a similar feeling of vibration. Multiple readings with her have yielded much different results, all absolutely different in feeling and color and coordinating directly with the live events in my world at that very moment, without her knowing the direction that they are headed only the vague details at the very very most. This is by design.


Based on my experiences with Tammy Helms, along with my own personal journey that is

currently ongoing, I absolutely am of the opinion that tarot deck reading is real, in the right hands. Tammy Helms is one of the real sets of hands. She is one of the components on this earth that have helped me galvanize my belief in the supernatural and in our ability as humans to communicate with something larger than ourselves.

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